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What is a Multi Car Breakdown Cover?

In the multi car breakdown cover you can register/cover cars under a single policy. This helps one person to register multiple cars under one address. This is a great option to save your time and you don’t have to keep lots of files of your cars. This is also helpful to you when using the car of a friend or any of your family members and registering multiple cars under a single address. This will save your money and time and also you don’t need to create multiple files for every car.

Main Points

How much does a Multi Car Breakdown Cover Cost?

The cost of multi car breakdown cover cost is not fix this depends on the the following things

Number of Vehicles

The first thing on which the multi car breakdown cover depends on the numbers of cars included in it. Which means that the more the cars are registered under a single policy the more the cost will increase. As the cars in the breakdown increase the discount given to you also increases. 

Types of Vehicle

The type of vehicle highly impacts on the cost of your premiums. If your car is very expensive or it is very old. If your car is old or expensive it can cost you and your cover will get more expensive.

Your Cover

You can select the level of your cover which increases the rate of your car as you upgrade the level. The higher the level will be of your policy. 

Levels of Multi Car Breakdown Cover

There are three levels in multi car breakdown covers basic, extra, and complete. These cost according to their levels in the cover. Some details of these levels are given below.


The basic cover includes roadside assistance and you will get 5 callouts a year and 1 additional callout with every vehicle or person. 


Extra cover includes National Recovery and 5 callouts yearly and 1 additional callout with every person or a vehicle. 


Complete is the package has many advantages and includes an At Home package and has unlimited callouts and you can also get a discount by adding a person or a vehicle.

How to Get Multi Car Breakdown Cover

You can easily get your cover from many places. If you want to cover multi vehicles you just have to choose multi vehicles and select the numbers of vehicles you want to add. Then you will be asked to select cover for your cars. Then select one of the covers you want, these covers are basic, extra, and complete. 

Why to use a Multi Car Breakdown Cover?

The most asked question by the people is why should they use these covers and what will be the benefits of buying a cover for their cars and vehicles. Some of the uses and benefits are listed below and also the answer of the most asked questions.

Additional Options that can be Added in the Multi Car Breakdown Cover

There are several options that can be added to your policies. These policies are fuel replacement, european driving, windshield cover, key replacement, special vehicle breakdown cover, and cold weather cover. All these services are provided to the buyer and benefit a lot to protect your car.


Q: Can I get multi car breakdown cover for 2 cars?

Ans: Yes, you can get cover for 2 cars as well. It is not compulsory to have 3 cars to do this.

Q: Can the payment be done monthly?

Ans : Yes, you can also pay monthly for your cover. You just have to set a duration for the payment.

Q: How many times can I claim multi car breakdown cover?

Ans : You can get callouts and unlimited breakdown assistance, until there is a recurring technical problem in the car.

Q: Does the multi car breakdown include car insurance or not?

Ans: Yes the car also contains insurance and you will get cash to fulfill your damage in case of any accident.

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